ASUC-EAVP Office Update: February 5th, 2013

National Affairs Department Update

Chief Deputy: Nicholas Kitchel 

  • Coordinated with UC Federal Caucus working group (Student Regent’s office, UCM graduate student leader, and UC Berkeley student leaders) on next steps of action

Legislative Liaison: Henry Grunzweig

  • Drafting proposal for UC Federal Caucus to be presented to Members of Congress who represent UC campuses

Campus Organizing Director: Ian Deck

  • · Applying for grants to fund USSA Legislative Conference
  • · Drafted description of USSA Legislative Conference to be included in press release

Campus Organizing Director: Douglas Taylor

  • · Applying for grants to fund USSA Legislative Conference
  • · Applied for Student Opportunity Fund grant to fund USSA Legislative Conference 
  • · Drafted application for USSA Legislative Conference, to be opened to public on Sunday, February 10

State Affairs Department Update 

**Chief Deputy: Morgan Prentice

  • NOTE: Please welcome our NEW Chief Deputy of State Affairs
  • Attended February UCSA Board meeting at UC Santa Barbara  
  • Assisted in planning for the Student Lobby Conference

Legislative Liaison: Tanay Kothari 

  • Participated in Student Lobby Conference planning conference calls 

Campus Organizing Director: Devonte Jackson

  • Attended February UCSA Board meeting at UC Santa Barbara
  • Facilitated a conference call with campus organizing directors from different UC campuses to organize a week of action

Advocacy Director (DOE/LOC Designate): Alex Silva

  • Gathering a list of possible speakers for a forum with a current legislature 

Local Affairs Department Updates

Chief Deputy: Aparna Bhattacharya

Safety: Stephanie Petrillo

  • Working with the Office of the President to incorporate the Safety aspect into the current ASUC app

Sustainability Director: Kristen Klein/Mashail Arif**

  • Working on publicizing Sustainability Tips (ASUC Facebook/Twitter and possibly Res Hall Newsletters)

Telegraph Business Development Director: Kelly Lester

  • Served on TBID committee to represent student interests in Telegraph business development
  • Currently working on Telegraph Happenings website
  • Currently working on Business Sustainability App

Business Incubator Director: Erica Lee/Arushi Saxena**

  • Set up umbrella organization for different entrepreneurial groups on campus
  • Working on reaching out to different student groups on campus to get advice on how to set up final structure for organization 

City Council Liaisons: Stein Beals/Nils Gilbertson

  • Working on settling parking permits
  • Drafted letter to City Council regarding Automatically Renewing Leases to increase renter visibility
  • Increasing City Commission outreach

Transportation Director: Angela Alexanian/Andrew Hsu

  • Working on Class Pass and Bear Transit negotiations

Redistricting Director: Noah Efron

  • Planning a Student Forum for early April
  • Trying to get ASUC to endorse our district map proposal (to be finalized on February 13) 

Berkeley Cribs Director: Allison Hall

  • Website is intended to be up and running by March
  • Currently working on resolving technical issues on the website

At-Large Department Update 

Chief Deputy: Ada Gu

  • Developing Spring 2013 Project Plans with Directors At-Large
  • Spring 2013: working on institutionalizing Voteco
  • Housing Commission task allocation

SWANA Campaign Director: Christina Mehranbod

  • Communicating with minority-centric student groups at other UC campuses
  • Researching on how to present and pass bill at UCSA conference in Spring 2013
  • Passing out SWANA campaign material packages to other campuses to raise awareness about bill 

Mental Health Analyst: Rui Xu

  • Planning a mental health panel and blog as an outlet for student mental health issues
  • Planning to centralize mental health resources into one convenient location

Author: Dr. Ada Gu

Graduated from University of California - Berkeley in May 2015 with a B.A Public Health. Completed medical school in 2018 at McMaster University and currently doing my family medicine residency at Western University. Still learning how to balance academics with extracurricular activities, research, a social life, sleep and life's limitless distractions. So excited to see what adventures lay ahead! Love traveling (I've been to 60 countries!), trying new things like sky diving and shark cage diving, most outdoor activities, trying new foods and restaurants, wine tasting and hot yoga.

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