ASUC-EAVP Office Update: February 5th, 2013

National Affairs Department Update

Chief Deputy: Nicholas Kitchel 

  • Coordinated with UC Federal Caucus working group (Student Regent’s office, UCM graduate student leader, and UC Berkeley student leaders) on next steps of action

Legislative Liaison: Henry Grunzweig

  • Drafting proposal for UC Federal Caucus to be presented to Members of Congress who represent UC campuses

Campus Organizing Director: Ian Deck

  • · Applying for grants to fund USSA Legislative Conference
  • · Drafted description of USSA Legislative Conference to be included in press release

Campus Organizing Director: Douglas Taylor

  • · Applying for grants to fund USSA Legislative Conference
  • · Applied for Student Opportunity Fund grant to fund USSA Legislative Conference 
  • · Drafted application for USSA Legislative Conference, to be opened to public on Sunday, February 10

State Affairs Department Update 

**Chief Deputy: Morgan Prentice

  • NOTE: Please welcome our NEW Chief Deputy of State Affairs
  • Attended February UCSA Board meeting at UC Santa Barbara  
  • Assisted in planning for the Student Lobby Conference

Legislative Liaison: Tanay Kothari 

  • Participated in Student Lobby Conference planning conference calls 

Campus Organizing Director: Devonte Jackson

  • Attended February UCSA Board meeting at UC Santa Barbara
  • Facilitated a conference call with campus organizing directors from different UC campuses to organize a week of action

Advocacy Director (DOE/LOC Designate): Alex Silva

  • Gathering a list of possible speakers for a forum with a current legislature 

Local Affairs Department Updates

Chief Deputy: Aparna Bhattacharya

Safety: Stephanie Petrillo

  • Working with the Office of the President to incorporate the Safety aspect into the current ASUC app

Sustainability Director: Kristen Klein/Mashail Arif**

  • Working on publicizing Sustainability Tips (ASUC Facebook/Twitter and possibly Res Hall Newsletters)

Telegraph Business Development Director: Kelly Lester

  • Served on TBID committee to represent student interests in Telegraph business development
  • Currently working on Telegraph Happenings website
  • Currently working on Business Sustainability App

Business Incubator Director: Erica Lee/Arushi Saxena**

  • Set up umbrella organization for different entrepreneurial groups on campus
  • Working on reaching out to different student groups on campus to get advice on how to set up final structure for organization 

City Council Liaisons: Stein Beals/Nils Gilbertson

  • Working on settling parking permits
  • Drafted letter to City Council regarding Automatically Renewing Leases to increase renter visibility
  • Increasing City Commission outreach

Transportation Director: Angela Alexanian/Andrew Hsu

  • Working on Class Pass and Bear Transit negotiations

Redistricting Director: Noah Efron

  • Planning a Student Forum for early April
  • Trying to get ASUC to endorse our district map proposal (to be finalized on February 13) 

Berkeley Cribs Director: Allison Hall

  • Website is intended to be up and running by March
  • Currently working on resolving technical issues on the website

At-Large Department Update 

Chief Deputy: Ada Gu

  • Developing Spring 2013 Project Plans with Directors At-Large
  • Spring 2013: working on institutionalizing Voteco
  • Housing Commission task allocation

SWANA Campaign Director: Christina Mehranbod

  • Communicating with minority-centric student groups at other UC campuses
  • Researching on how to present and pass bill at UCSA conference in Spring 2013
  • Passing out SWANA campaign material packages to other campuses to raise awareness about bill 

Mental Health Analyst: Rui Xu

  • Planning a mental health panel and blog as an outlet for student mental health issues
  • Planning to centralize mental health resources into one convenient location